Heavy Built Children's Playhouses


Children's playhouses, sometimes referred to as wendy houses come in all shapes and sizes.  They also come in all degrees of build quality and design, ranging from the slightest built 'nasties', to a well built sturdy construction.

We subscribe to the latter - we build to last and to stand up to a fair bit of rough treatment.  Our floors don't snap or collapse when Mum or Dad squeeze in for 'afternoon tea', and the weatherboarded walls don't shatter when the kids fall against them.  They also have either heavy mineral felt, or mineral felt roofing tiles to protect them from the elements.  We can supply ready stained or uncoated for you to paint or stain yourself.  Windows can be opening or fixed depending on your choice or budget.

Speak to us - bring your own ideas - we're happy to discuss your requirements and build accordingle, or to offer you a selection of predesigned models.  All of our playhouses are designed and built here in Tain.


A playhouse is a wonderful addition to any family garden and a 'special' place where warm memories are created that last into adulthood and throughout life. 

In the warm summer weather it's the place to hold tea parties, get the friends round, hang out and dine on jelly and ice cream.  In the winter when everything else looks dismal and uninviting, 'the playhouse' is a sheltered cozy retreat - even somewhere to shelter from the snow showers.  Christmas time is when it glows and adds the enchantment of a fairy house if you add some christmas lights (amazing scene on these dark winter nights) and decorations. 

Grand Homes for Little People!


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