House Signs Carved in Solid Oak

Your house sign is probably the first thing a visitor sees when they approach your home and the design, concept and quality says as much about you as it does to address your property. For example everybody is an individual and so too are families and their outward impression - just as much as the clothes you wear, the car in your drive and the style and appearance of your house and garden. So, for a relatively modest cost, it makes sense to have your house signboard specifically designed and produced to reflect your home, the surroundings and your family's personality.

We design and produce all of our signboards in-house here in Tain, Easter Ross.  The beauty of oak is unsurpassed and when well designed and the detail carved deep into the solid oak, it produces a clean and impressive appearance for any house sign. 

We have a sister website Carved House Signs dedicated to showing our range and diversity of signs.  These range from the carced signboards we discussed here, through brass profile signs depicting wildlife imagery and detail engraved and infilled in the traditionla way, to free-hand lettered and gold gilded signs.  Engraved Brass Plaques for house and business signs are also produced as are memorial and remembrance plaques in engraved brass, including those for pet memorials.

Not sure what would suit you best? Speak to us - we are easy to duscuss your plans with and there is nor pressure.  If you decide to proceed we'll even produce a realistic lifelike graphical image of the proposed work, together with a fixed price.  There's no surprises at the end of the job.


Please note: as stock changes, variations occur in styles and therefore all photographs on this site are for illustration purposes only

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